Wafer Holder with front-side contacts and Electroplating Systems

Wafer Holder

Wafer holder with front side contacts for electroplating applications

Electroplating system
μGalv R&D

Electroplating system
μGalv Pro

Wave sequencing power supply μGALVANO


Electroplating System μGalv R&D

Universal electroplating system.

The μGalv R&D is the culmination of over a decade of working with the most demanding customers. It represents the state of the art in electroplating in a package designed for advanced research and pilot production.

The system is designed for optimized uniformity electroplating & electrodeposition processing in MEMS-, Semicon-, Optic- and Solar industry. Because of the flexible design it can be easily adapted and expanded to customer requirements. The μGalv Pro series is available for Cu, Au, Ni, NiFe, NiCo, NiW, and SnPb. 

Rotating wafer holders ensure optimal uniformity in both every plating cell design.

As all our system, the μGalv Pro system is available with many options. Automatic Handling (Semi Auto, Dry in - Dry out), integration of pre-processing or post-process cells, laminar flow-units, vacuum twizer, quick connector for draining of electrolytes, interface to handling process data, etc.

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