Wet Etching

Plain Wafer holders, holders with optical inspection and etching baths

Wafer holder

Wafer holders for a single wafer with backside protection

Unique wafer holders for two wafers mounted face-to-face

Wafer holder for single sided etching with an optical backside window

Unique wafer holders with built-in backside illumination

Special custom-made holders for single chips


Wet Etching: Single Chip

Special holder for single chip etching.

Especially for customers who subscribe to multi-user manufacturing processes, AMMT’s single chip holders are a valuable tool. These miniaturized holders support single chip wet chemical etching with backside protection. Minimum edge exclusion widths are assured by custom-made sealing rings, which are available in a variety of shapes and dimensions.

Material compatibility, temperature range and AMMT’s low-stress locking mechanism are the same as for our successful series of Single and Tandem wafer holders. Please inquire for a tool for your specific chip dimension.


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