Wet Etching

Plain Wafer holders, holders with optical inspection and etching baths

Wafer holder

Wafer holders for a single wafer with backside protection

Unique wafer holders for two wafers mounted face-to-face

Wafer holder for single sided etching with an optical backside window

Unique wafer holders with built-in backside illumination

Special custom-made holders for single chips


Wet Etching: Single IL

Wafer holder for single sided etching with internal illumination.

A unique feature of the Single-IL type is an integrated halogen lamp or LED array for optical inspection of the membrane thickness. Silicon membranes of about 22 µm and less are optically transmissive and appear in different shades of brown depending on their thickness. The backside illumination feature is a helpful tool to overcome some of the shortcomings of time based etch-stop techniques.


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