Porous Silicon Etching

Complete wet etching system for porous silicon formation

Double cell HF tank for porous silicon etching with electrolytical backside contact

Single cell HF-bath for porous silicon formation

Flexible programmable power supply with control software for time-based current profiles


Porous Silicon: PS Power Supply and Software

Power Supply. AMMT's Porous Silicon Power Supply (PS²) is a powerful instrument for porous silicon formation and electropolishing of silicon in hydrofluoric acid. It is the first system completely dedicated to MEMS fabrication technology, with many unique features that increase production yield and reproducibility in commercial environments. At the same time, the PS² is a perfect instrument for research and development, providing a high degree of flexibility and a proven, reliable solution for your lab work.

Two versions are available, a 12-ampere device for porosification for wafers up to 4” and a 24-ampere version for larger substrates. Output voltages and currents can be set on the front panel of the device, while two large LCD panels show the actual values during the process. However, the main feature of the PS² instrument is its programmabiliy in conjunction with AMMT’s control software. Via the serial computer interface, even complex time-based current profiles can be downloaded to the PS² for the fabrication of multilevel structures. Monitoring of all etching parameters helps troubleshooting and assures high fabrication quality.

Software. Computer control is one of the main features of AMMT’s Porous Silicon Power Supply PS². Each PS² comes with a free license of the dedicated control software, which allows to:

  • define and edit time-based current profiles for etching
  • change all PS²-parameters in real time
  • monitor all relevant information during the etching process
  • increase yield by error checking
  • print concise reports for each etching process

The Process Window monitors current and applied potential during the etching run.

The Method Editor is a convenient editor for time-based current profiles.

Profiles can be important from other programs to allow the generation of complex current patterns. Export functions for documentation are included as well.


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