Porous Silicon Etching

Complete wet etching system for porous silicon formation

Double cell HF tank for porous silicon etching with electrolytical backside contact

Single cell HF-bath for porous silicon formation

Flexible programmable power supply with control software for time-based current profiles


Porous Silicon: Porous Silicon System PSB SC

Single cell HF-bath for porous silicon formation.

Alternative to the standard double-cell PSB set-up, AMMT also offers a single-cell design for those cases when one side of the wafer has to remain dry. The robust etching bath is built from welded polypropylene (PP) and holds approximately 5 liters of HF or HF-ethanol solution. For safety purposes, the bath is equipped with connections for continuous HF vapor extraction and is mounted by threaded bolts to the surrounding wet bench. PTFE drain valves are connected for direct HF disposal.

The wafer is mounted into a wafer holder which provides electrical contact to the back side of the wafer. A platinum mesh electrode is used to contact the wafer on the side of the etchant medium. In order to ensure a homogeneous electrical field, the electrodes are of the same size as the wafer.


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